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Best Qualified Teachers of Method Acting in Los Angeles
Welcome to the official site of Dianne Hull and Lorrie Hull, acclaimed acting teachers and coaches who studied directly with Lee Strasberg and then at his invitation, taught for him for many years.

Dianne, a protege of Strasberg and Elia Kazan, has also had a long career as a successful working actor, and Lorrie, renowned author of Strasberg’s Method, as Taught by Lorrie Hull, Ph.D. and The Method DVD’s is recognized around the world for her expertise on Method acting.

This is as close as you’ll get to Lee Strasberg.  And it is why most Academy Award actors are Method actors.  Acting classes and private coaching are offered at the Hull Actors Studio in Santa Monica.

“Lorrie Hull is the only teacher I trust to send students to.  Her teaching and book of the Method are the best I’ve ever seen since Strasberg.  Lorrie teaches you how to work deeply with great effect.  (And) it’s the beginning of very good careers for lots of young people”
-- Shelley Winters

“Dianne Hull gives an immensely resonant performance...”
-- Vincent Canby, NY Times

“Dianne is tremendously talented and perceptive.”
-- Elia Kazan

“Dianne Hull does a beautiful job as Bridget, giving a performance of such immediacy it almost seems raw.
--Janet Maslin, NY Times (Review of “Haywire” CBS TV)


“Going to Santa Monica and being trained by these two remarkable ladies was the best decision I ever made and I would not miss this course for the world.”
--Warren Brooking

“I don’t think words can describe the time I have had with Lorrie and Dianne, they are superb and I have produced my best work with them, thanks to their teaching techniques.  If you want to be the best you can as an actor, I suggest you spend as much time as possible with both of them.”
--Liz Bishop

“I have been attending the Method Intensive Workshop that Lorrie and Dianne Hull have been giving at the Santa Monica Playhouse. Tomorrow will be the last day. It has been such an incredible experience. Lorrie was my very first teacher at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute back in the '70's on Hollywood Boulevard. In a year or so, Lee made me a member of the Actor's Studio. Lorrie helped me begin the journey of learning Lee's work. It changed my life and to be back with the two of them, reviewing what I've learned is a blessing. Thank God Lorrie has written a book about his work so it will last from now on. And Dianne.....she never ceases to blow my mind with her understanding of the work and her clarity when she critiques a scene. I remember being in awe of her success all these many years ago. Good friends sustain me. Thank you both for your talent and spirit.
And Lorrie.....You better NOT stop teaching.
I do love you.”
--Savannah Boucher

“Today, I witnessed the truest work I've seen from anyone--in person-since I moved here.  It was all I
needed to completely trust in the guidance of my two instructors, Lorrie Hull and Dianne Hull. I pledge my dedication to
them and their process of work.”
--Jovan Adepo

“It has been a pleasure to work with you all.  A truly inspirational time.  Lorrie and Dianne work wonders and
you all have great talent.”
--George Lamptey

“A big thanks to the greatest acting teachers, Lorrie Hull and Dianne Hull.  The intensive was fantastic!”

“Another amazing class last night with Lorrie Hull and Dianne Hull in Santa Monica.  Highly recommend these classes for LA-based actors!”
--Nina Belforte

“You are the best teacher around.  Such a privilege to be part of the intensive. You are truly inspirational.  
Thank you, Lorrie.”
--Maria Taber

Lorrie Hull & Lee Strasberg

Elia Kazan

Dianne Hull with Elia Kazan

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